The Docent of the Quarter is Announced!

The Docent of this Quarter is Gail Thompson!

Since starting at the 390th in 2013, Gail has been a grounding element to the Saturday crew. With no staff on the weekend, Gail has established herself as a point person for issues related to the museum store, emergency response, and even personnel–she has recruited several docents to her crew. Most recently she recruited Walter Ram, a B-17 bombardier from the 94th Bomb Group.

Gail is a native of West Virginia, and an Air Force veteran. She served for eight years as an RN in the USAF; and was assigned to Davis Monthan, Japan, and IL. Gail offers a fantastic disposition, will always volunteer to work ‘extras’ (such as the annual reunion), and she comes in periodically to shadow other docents just to keep her knowledge strong and polished.

Thank you for your great work, Gail–and congratulations on being the Docent of the Quarter.

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