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Remembering Mission #3: Regensburg

Shown: Following the epic air battle over Regensburg on August 17, 1943, Blood, Guts and Rust (568th Squadron) was ditched in the Mediterranean Sea. Mission No. 84: Schweinfurt-Regensburg, was an [...]

2018 Reunion Details Are Announced

390th Memorial Museum Foundation Annual Bomb Group Reunion October 18-20, 2018 Hotel: DoubleTree Reid Park — 445 S. Alvernon Way –Tucson, AZ   85711-4198 (520) 881-4200 *Free on-site parking — Free breakfast [...]

The 390th Bomb Group and the Friendly Invasion

From 1942 to 1945, hundreds of thousands of American service personnel ‘invaded’ Great Britain. During the month of July, 1943, members of the 390th Bomb Group began their role in [...]

390th Bomb Group Recalls Independence Day Departure to Camp Shanks

By July 1, 1943, the 390th Bomb Group’s air echelons had departed for Salina, Kansas for their final furloughs and processing for departure. Just days later, on July 4, 1943, [...]

390th Memorial Museum Recognized for Excellence

Museum Passes the American Alliance of Museums’ Core Documents Verification Program The 390th Memorial Museum has passed the American Alliance of Museums’ Core Documents Verification, an important milestone in its [...]

How To Build an 8th Air Force Heavy Bomber Base

The Story of Station 153: Parham, England After its activation in January, 1942, the Eighth Air Force had to quickly devise a plan for housing its aircraft, equipment and personnel. [...]

June 6: A 390th Anniversary Beyond D-Day

While June 6 is commonly remembered as the anniversary of D-Day, it also holds a second notable anniversary for the 390th Bomb Group: on this day in history, 1943, the [...]

I’ll Be Around to be Featured on Travel Channel

Shown: the 390th Memorial Museum’s B-17 I’ll Be Around will be featured on a popular Travel Channel TV series. TUNE IN TO MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM The B-17G I’ll Be [...]

Who Calibrated the Norden Bombsight?

Shown: Due to the excellence of these 390th Bomb Group Bomb sight technicians, not once in 301 missions was a failure of 390th bombing equipment registered. For every WWII heavy [...]

The Psychosocial Complexity of the Norden Bombsight

Shown above: 390th Bombardment Group (H) dropping bombs on industrial facilities in Derben, Germany. The complex Norden Bombsight was an analog computer used by bomber crews during World War II [...]

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