Museum Collections Portal is Now Online

The 390th Memorial Museum’s Collections Portal is now accessible online! The Collections Portal allows you to search across the entire museum collection including personnel and mission data, objects, archives, and recorded personal narratives. Additional features include faster search speed; the ability to save and send searches; and the opportunity to add your knowledge to an object’s record.

How to Explore the Collections Portal

To explore the Museum’s Collections Portal, go here. The page will look like the photograph, above. Please note: the link provided is a preview link. You are welcome to explore the Collections Portal. The Collections Portal, and its tutorials, will be published on the museum’s website in the month of February, 2019.

The easiest way to start is by entering a name in the search field (see red circle, below), then type ‘enter’ on your keyboard. Next, be sure to click on each tab to explore ALL of the available information pertaining to the individual. The example provided here is Warner.

Explore the Tabs:

  • Objects (green circle)—this links you to objects in our Collections Portal relating to your search. You can click on the images that pop up to view the full information pertaining to the record. We will be publishing a tutorial about how to use the Objects catalog in the near future. 
  • Archives (marigold circle)—this links you to information in our archive pertaining to your search term. Archives include items such as photographs, oral histories, handwritten letters, and paper documents. 
  • Personnel Database (blue circle)—this links you to information in the personnel database. This page displays the interactive database that has been on the website in recent years.
  • Missions Database (violet circle)—this links you to information about missions based on the search term entered. For example, if you enter the name of a person, you will see information relating to other aircraft and crews who flew the same missions.

Keep Visiting the Collections Portal

Please check back often as the collections team continues to add materials on a regular basis. Collections Portal video tutorials and other resources will be published, and distributed via the Mission Intel e-news as they are completed. To receive Mission Intel, please click on the large red tab in the lower right part of your computer screen.

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