Meet John Mollison

John is the artist who beautifully depicted Col. Richard Bushong’s plane from his final mission on April 13, 1944.  He will be present at the unveiling of “A Greater Mission Remains” on June 26th at 11:30 AM.

John shared the following short biography with us.

John Mollison, in his words, “Interviews old guys and draws their airplanes.” But John’s work goes much deeper than what he says. John uses the process of capturing an accurate rendering of a particular combat aircraft to learn more about the human side of history. John interviews the pilots and aircrew to then help the rest of us discover more about the human experience: What makes people go to war? What makes people cope with stress? How do people define success? And most importantly, what can generations pass onto future generations so they can be more successful?

To this end, John’s artwork is in museums, galleries and collections in 14 countries, his writing is read (monthly) by thousands and his on-demand series, “Old Guys and Their Airplanes” has been awarded over two dozen international awards for excellence in film production. As a native of North Dakota and resident of South Dakota, John is proud of his agricultural “upper midwest roots.” To him, his Dakota heritage instilled the values of hard-work, independence and trust. Though he discovered professional success as a consultant to some of America’s highest performing restaurants, he is most proud of the success that has come from sharing the stories and drawing the aircraft of his boyhood heroes – combat aviators from WW2, Korea and the Viet Nam war.

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