KVOA 4 Tucson: A piece of history starts a new chapter in Tucson

A great day for the 390th!

On Saturday, January 9th we unveiled a new addition to our B-17 exhibit:  a fully-restored tail turret.  On loan from author Nick Veronico, the turret was restored over a period of 30 years with original parts sourced from all over the United States.  The exhibit is dedicated to Mr. Veronico’s uncle, 2nd Lt. Robert Woolfolk, a bombardier who, along with six other crew members, was killed in action on his fourth mission in May of 1944.

Click here to watch KVOA’s Austin Walker report on the turret’s unveiling and what it means for us to be able to share it with our patrons.

(And  keep an eye on our website; we’ll be featuring two new videos related to the tail turret in the near future!)


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