June 6: A 390th Anniversary Beyond D-Day

While June 6 is commonly remembered as the anniversary of D-Day, it also holds a second notable anniversary for the 390th Bomb Group: on this day in history, 1943, the 569th Squadron left Spokane, Washington for the Air Base at Cut Bank, Montana, where final combat training was slated.

Within a month’s time the Squadron took the little Montana town into its heart. According to the Story of the 390th Bombardment Group (H) (commonly referred to as the Blue Book), “Warm Western hospitality and the seventeen bars which lined Cut Bank’s main street were responsible for that.”

The Blackfeet Tribe inducted Captain Tuttle and eleven other offices during a powwow held near Cut Bank, Montana.

While Cut Bank probably enjoyed the boost in local commerce, regional Native Americans embraced the efforts of the Squadron, as well. Captain Tuttle, the Squadron’s commanding officer, and eleven other officers were inducted into the Blackfeet tribe during a Saturday afternoon powwow. The tribe gifted the squadron with a black bear cub who quickly elevated herself as the squadron mascot.

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