Jeremy Thompson, Archive and Collections Assistant, named Diversity Scholar

We are pleased to announce that our very own Jeremy Thompson has been selected as a Diversity Scholar with the Association of Research Libraries Kaleidoscope Program!

“I am currently pursuing a MA in the Library and Information Science program at the University of Arizona (UA). During my undergrad at UA I studied as a double major and earned a BA in History and Information Science & eSociety. The combination of these two areas of study has alerted me to the research process and the ways in which the internet has impacted it. This fuels my professional interests to study and work with digital preservation and digital archives.

Throughout my time studying at the University of Arizona, I have worked as a Library Assistant at the Arizona State Museum and will continue to do so as a graduate student. Concurrently, I intern at the 390th Memorial Museum as an Archive and Collections Assistant. I am grateful to of been chose as an ARL Diversity Scholar and hope that it helps to launch a career working in research libraries and archives.”

Congratulations Jeremy, we are proud and honored to have you at our Museum!

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