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Digital Exhibitions

Preparing to Do Battle at 25,000 Feet

Recognition models – also called “spotter models” were used by the Air Force during World War II to help airmen learn the difference between friends and foe while in flight.  Preparing to Do Battle at 25,000 Feet is part one of the story of these small models and their big role in the Allies’ victory.




Spotter Models in Action

Picking up where Preparing to Do Battle at 25,000 Feet left off, part two of the exhibition, Spotter Models in Action, closely studies the models, manuals and spotter cards of the planes the men of the 390th Bombardment Group most likely encountered.  This exhibition particularly examines the unique features and uses of German planes the 390th’s Bomber Boys faced down regularly.



Friend or Foe? Aircraft Identification Quiz

Think you could have cut it as a 390th Bomber Boy?  Take our Friend or Foe? Aircraft Identification Quiz and then post your results on social media.

Good luck!!



Legacy in Leather – Jackets of the 390th Bomb Group

During WWII, multiple variation of leather jackets – both for flight crews as well as ground crews – were produced. None are more famous than the A-2, the quintessential bomber jacket. Explore the museum’s Collection of jackets, and the iconic artwork that made them so unique.

Learn about caring for your A-2 Jacket!






Museum From Home

Museum From Home Gallery Tours

These video mini tours let you visit from home! MfromH showcases our exhibits and Collections, focusing on frequently asked questions or little known facts.






Monsters in the Archive

Monsters in the Archive

Join the museum staff for some spooktacular education in preserving Collection items! The Monsters in the Archive aren’t vampires, goblins or headless horsemen… Instead learn how to avoid and mitigate the REAL threats to your heirlooms- Acids, Pests, Light Exposure, Human Exposure, Improper Storage and Temperature & Humidity.






Collections Portal Tutorials

Our Collection Portal is your window into the 390th Memorial Museum’s collection – including documents, photographs and oral histories pertaining to the experiences of 390th veterans of WWII. These videos walk you through how to access the portal.







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