Joseph A. Moller Archive

Established in 1982, the Joseph A. Moller Library is the heart of the 390th Memorial Museum. Its archive houses the vast majority of the Museum’s collections including original photographs, letters, manuscripts and oral histories documenting the experiences and truths of American veterans.

Demonstrating the pluralist identity of the 8th Air Corps and the 390th Bomb Group, our archive offers academic and non-academic patrons alike an enriching and cohesive immersive experience, as well as a fulfilling visit. The collection of oral histories and written accounts from 390th Bomb Group veterans will provide scholars interested in memory studies ample material relating to the construction of post-war memory in America.

As scholarly efforts to bring in voices from outside the dominant historical narrative increase, collections like those held in the 390th Memorial Museum offer exciting new resources for academic discourse.

Note: The Archive is also accessible on the second tab within the collections portal. Use the button below to explore the Archive’s advanced features.



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