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  • Serial
  • Canadian Club/Six Nights in Telergma(Arabian Nuts)
    Accepted by USAAF 15 Jun 43. Denver Mod Center 16 Jun 43. Walla Walla 6 Jul 43. Kearney 10 Jul 43. 8th AF 24 Jul 43. Condemned 18 Aug 43. Repaired 28 Sep 43. First coded BI-B. Changed to BI-G after loss of 230017. Wallace Phillips WIA at Leipzig 12 Apr 44. Hit by flak on 21 Jan 44. Entire wing burning. Pelka, McLaughlin, Harms, Powell, Friuli, Wood bail out 3 miles south of Boulogne, France. Harms, Powell, Fruili evade, rest POW. Pilot maintains control after vertical dive puts out fire. Ball gunner salvoes bombs, acts as copilot, tail gunner mans radio position. Plane returns to base, repaired. Salvaged 22 Jun 45.
  • Six Nights in Telergma (Arabian Nights)
    Accepted by USAAF 20 Sep 43. Cheyenne Mod Center 22 Sep 43. Grand Isle 6 Oct 43. 8th AF 18 Oct 43. MIA Emden 11 Dec 43. Hit by rocket at IP. Lifson, Warren, Phillips POW, rest KIA.
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