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  • Serial
  • The Stork Club
    Accepted by USAAF 26 Aug 43. Cheyenne Mod Center 28 Jul 43. Gore Field 29 Jul 43. Cheyenne 2 Aug 43. Scott Field 9 Aug 43. 8th AF 24 Aug 43. Severe flak damage on mission to Bremen 20 Dec 43. Two engines knocked out. Cox, McLaughlin, Shelby, Graber, Bean bail out near Wilhelmshaven. Savage WIA. Plane lands at Raydon, returns to base later. MIA Augsburg 16 Mar 44. Shot down by fighters. Wings and fuselage in flames. Blew up and crashed at Lautern-Heubach. Button, Thornberg POW, rest KIA.
  • GI Wonder
    Accepted by USAAF 8 Oct 43. Cheyenne Mod Center 13 Oct 43. Grand Isle 25 Oct 43. 8th AF 9 Nov 43. Melvin R. Adams WIA 29 Jul 44 at Merseburg. To U.S. and Kingman 13 Nov 45.
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