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    Accepted by USAAF 3 Nov 43. Cheyenne Mod Center 4 Nov 43. Bangor 20 Nov 43. 8th AF 4 Jan 44. Severe flak damage over Brussels on return from mission to Augsburg 13 Apr 44. Vantries WIA at target. Nr. 3 engine windmilling and smoking. Nr 3 prop falls off engine over Channel. Tschudy had 3rd degree burns on hands while throwing out .50 cal gun. Ground looped after landing at RAF base. Crew returned to base next day. Plane later repaired and returned to duty. MIA Leipzig 29 May 44. Shot down by fighters. Nr. 4 engine feathered, right wing on fire and tail damaged. Turned over on its back and went down in spin. Crashed near Rochefort. All evade.
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