Happy birthday, Col. Bushong!

The 390th Memorial Museum has a living legend at our museum, in person, every week. Colonel Richard Bushong was a pilot in the Army Air Forces with the 390th Bombardment Group. He completed 28 missions during World War II and went on to serve for 30 years in the Air Force, including tours with Cold War Defense and in Korea and Vietnam. Col. Bushong sits on the Board of Directors for the 390th Memorial Museum and has been a docent at the museum for the last 30 years.

He has fans that come from near and far to see him and hear his stories. The story about his 28th mission is one of his favorites to tell and is also a fan favorite.

On March 25th we pulled out all the stops for our hero’s 98th birthday!  Please click here to view the birthday celebration in its entirety; it features special appearances by the Manhattan Dolls, local dignitaries and even Senator Mark Kelly.

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