What is Amazon Smile?

  • Amazon Smile is a program that donates 0.5% of eligible purchases from Amazon.com to a charity of your choice.
  • That may not seem like much, but so far Amazon Smile has donated $215,721,458.97 to charities!
  • In 2019, we received a check for over $5,000 from Amazon Smile purchases. 
  • The donation is at no extra cost to you and the program can be used year-round.


Your Amazon shopping can benefit the 390th Memorial Museum without costing you a single cent!

It’s easy to join and every time you shop through: smile.amazon.com,

you’ll help save the 390th’s story for future generations!

First, go to smile.amazon.com and click “Get Started.”


Log into your existing Amazon account. When prompted, search “390th Memorial Museum.”  You should see the page below; click the “Select” button next to the 390th.


Check the box. Then click “Start Shopping.”


You’ll be taken to the standard Amazon page. Then you will see a confirmation message that you’ve successfully joined Amazon Smile.

Always be sure to return to smile.amazon.com in the future!

If you go to www.amazon.com to shop then your purchases WILL NOT be connected with the Amazon Smile program.

Receive 390th Mission Intel