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"With a deep humility and with sincere reverence, we, the 390th Bombardment Group (H), dedicate this history to the families and loved ones of each and every member of the command."

–Col. Joseph A. Moller, Commander, 390th Bomb Group

Thank you for supporting the 390th Memorial Museum!  Your donation makes it possible for the 390th Memorial Museum to offer compelling exhibits, exciting events, expedient research assistance and an improved collections management program.

Ways to Give

The easiest way to give is to use Amazon Smile when making your everyday purchases.  And the best part is that it won’t cost you a penny!  Simply sign up, shop and Amazon will donate a small percentage based on the total of your eligible purchases.  Click here to learn more about Amazon Smile and sign up!

When making financial donations, you can chose from one of three convenient contribution options.  You can make a one-time donation as part of our Giving Club, in Tribute to a 390th Bomb Group Veteran, or carry the torch as a member of the Torch Bearer Recurring Gift Club.  You contribution will be acknowledged in the Square J Bulletin, the museum’s quarterly newsletter. If you do not wish to be acknowledged, please state “anonymous” in the message section. If you need technical support, please email the museum for help**Note: your gift acknowledgement will be published in the quarter following your contribution. You must be a current member of the museum to receive the Square J Bulletin.

Join the Giving Club

A Giving Club Contribution is a one-time, general donation.  When you make more than one Giving Club Contribution per quarter, your gifts will be cumulative and placed in the appropriate level:

  • Squadron ($1 and up)
  • Group ($100-$499)
  • Wing ($500-$999)
  • Air Division ($1,000-$3,999)
  • Air Force ($4,000+)

Make a Tribute

A Tribute is a one-time gift, named “In Memory Of” (if the veteran is deceased) or “In Honor of” (veteran may be living or deceased).

Carry the Torch

The Torch Bearer Recurring Gift Club is an effortless and affordable way to support the museum’s education, outreach, and collections management efforts. You decide the monthly amount, starting at just $10 per month, and the date that funds are withdrawn.  Torch Bearers receive a welcome kit, invitation to the annual 390th Bomb Group reunion, and a free gift after twelve months.

The Torch Bearer Recurring Gift Club is electronically processed and must utilize a credit- or debit card.

Four Ways to Donate

Amazon Smile

Let Amazon do the work while you shop.

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Giving Club

Make a one-time, general donation.

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Make a one-time donation, named for your Veteran.

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Torch Bearing Club

Make a monthly, recurring donation.

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Donate to the Collection

In addition to financial and planned gifts, we also solicit donations of 390th H Bombardment Group and World War II era artifacts, documents, photos, ephemeral and other related materials.

Contribute to the Collection

Your Contributions in Action

Your donation makes it possible for the 390th Memorial Museum to maintain the highest levels of excellence as the 390th Bomb Group’s legacy, and its role in the WWII European Air War, is preserved for future generations.  Your continuing support allows us to: research and construct compelling exhibits; plan and run exciting events and educational programs; and importantly, to catalog and conserve all the objects and items in our Collection for generations to come.


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