Come enjoy our Museum From Home!

Have you been enjoying our #MuseumFromHome videos?  You haven’t seen them yet?! Well, let us give you an overview, and then you can go check them out!

“I’ll Be Around” Our B-17G

“I’ll Be Around” is one of the 40 B-17s left in the United States. It is one of 18 that are currently on static display. Come take a quick tour of our B-17!

High Altitude Flight during WWII

During WWII, aviation was still fairly new… and we didn’t really understand how high altitude flight would affect our airmen. Learn about the experience of flying high in a B-17 – a dangerous and VERY COLD experience.

Crew Positions Aboard a B-17

“You are now flying a 10-man weapon.” Take a tour through our B17 cutaway exhibit, along with photos from our Collection, to learn about the various crew positions aboard the B-17. Based on the text from the 1945 Pilot Training Manual for the Flying Fortress, you get a feel for the experience of these often very young crews as they headed off to war.

Welcome to the 390th Memorial Museum

This is the first of our virtual tours, as part of our Museum from Home series. Please join us for a quick tour of our museum, and watch for more tours in the next month.

While you are there, check out our other videos on YouTube, including a ride along in a B-17, as well as our #MonstersInTheArchive series which brings some humor to the serious business of Collection care.

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