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Help Restore Their Glory!

Each A-2 Jacket tells a story of heroism. These jackets were treasured by their owners, who decorated them with squadron patches and detailed paintings describing their time in action.  Unfortunately, time is hard on fabrics – especially leather – and our jackets suffered the damaging effects of light and heat.

Adopt a 390th Jacket!

Be part of history – adopt a 390th Bomb Group jacket today and help save our heritage.  Any amount you can give helps to ensure the stories of these jackets are preserved for future generations.

Donation Levels

NOTE: Any additional funds raised beyond the $33,000 campaign goal will be used in the general acquisition, care and preservation of all 390th collection items, including but not limited to new objects, storage receptacles, temperature control, filters, shelving, restoration of other collection objects (including our remaining jackets) and the like.
Learn more about our Jackets

Legacy in Leather is our digital exhibit where you can look through our A-2 Jacket collection.



Preserve Your Jacket is a fun video, presented by our own collections staff, that takes you through the dos and don’ts of leather jacket preservation.


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