“A Greater Mission Remains” Event Details

On Saturday, June 26, the 390th Memorial Museum of Tucson, Arizona will be hosting a special event featuring the story of a WWII veteran’s last combat mission directly from the man himself. 

Col. Richard Bushong, a highly decorated veteran of WWII and the Vietnam War, will detail the final mission he flew to Augsburg, Germany on April 13th, 1944.  His story will be followed by a public unveiling of the specially commissioned artwork depicting Belle O’ the Brawl as she was that day in April 1943.  The event will close with a question and answer session for Col Bushong and the artwork’s creator, John Mollison.  Mollison, an aviation artist and film personality, designed the artwork using 390th Memorial Museum resources as well as a network of historians and subject experts around the country.  Col. Bushong has signed a very limited number of prints which will be sold to benefit the 390th Memorial Museum. 

The “Last Combat Mission” event will begin at 11:30 am; the public is invited to attend in person but the event will also be live streamed via the 390th’s Facebook Live and Zoom and the Military Tale’s YouTube channel.

Click here for pre-sales of the prints.

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